12,000 Minnesotans Saluted Sen. Elizabeth Warren


Senator Elizabeth Warren finished her campaign visit to Minnesota which was marked by massive attention of voters. She gave a campaign speech in front of 12,000 Minnesotans who gathered outside of Macalester, a private liberal arts college in Saint Paul, this Monday. Democratic candidate for president spoke about issues of health care, corruption in politics, climate change, and economic inequality. 

It was the first appearance of Sen. Warren in Minnesota regarding 2020 presidential bid. The event was planned to be held indoors, but it was taken outside because it attracted a lot of attention. Warren intended to do Q&A, but it simply wasn’t possible with such a large crowd. Instead, she elaborated her presidential program to voters, explaining that she has a plan for many major problems. 

Elizabeth Warren

Some of the topics that she spoke were climate change, immigrant situation, health care system, and government corruption. The voters especially liked her plans for imposing a 2% “wealth tax.” That tax should be paid by people who own more than $50 million. She also pinpointed that, if elected as president, she will deal with the corruption within governments. 

After the speech, a lot of people waited in line for hours to take a selfie with Sen. Warren, which speaks enough about her popularity in Minnesota. On Tuesday, Warren paid a visit to Better Futures Minnesota. It is a nonprofit organization in Minneapolis that helps people break the cycle of imprisonment and poverty. She also participated in a round table discussion regarding a reform of criminal justice, and with that she ended her campaign visit to Minnesota. 

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