Del Monte Foods Closing Minnesota Plant, 363 Jobs Lost


The food distributing and manufacturing giant announces it will close its plant in Sleepy Eye. Minnesota’s Department of Employment and Economic Development was informed of the closure. The undertaking will cost 363 people their jobs, of which 69 were full-time and 294 seasonal. 

Closing Minnesota Plant, 363 Jobs Lost

The plant is located at 100 Ninth Ave. SW., and the firings are predicted to begin in October this year and last until the next June. We couldn’t reach any representatives for comments, but the company did state that they’d close or sell multiple other plants. The reasoning for the closings is a shift of production to other U.S. plants. 

The plant was opened in 1930 and was the primary pea and corn supplier for the company. Over 300 growers yielded their products to the facility.

Del Monte Foods Closing Minnesota Plant

The CEO of Del Monte Pacific Limited, the parent company of Del Monte Foods, is Joselito Campos. He stated the decision was very difficult but a necessity, adding that it would lead to greater operational efficiency and cost-cutting.

Since Sleepy Eye is a sparsely populated town, sitting at an estimated 3,300 residents, the closing is likely to pose a big blow to the employment. 

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