Michelle Fischbach Running for CD-7


Fischbach, a once-lieutenant governor, seeks to assume a seat CD-7, currently belonging to Collin Peterson. Her intention is to unseat the Democrat representative, who has been occupying his place in Congress since 1990.

When she declared her plan, Fischbach claimed that 7th district’s residents are worthy of a politician that will strive to represent and maintain their values. She added that they deserve someone who will support the agenda of Donald Trump.

Dave Hughes, the former candidate, will prove challenging to win over for Fischbach. He lost the seat to Peterson by a hair in the elections in both 2016 and 2018. He plans to run once more.

Fischbach recently played the part of co-runner in the Tim Pawlenty campaign, attempting to grab the Minnesota governor GOP nomination. The campaign was not successful. Before this campaign, she acted as Minnesota’s Lieutenant Governor.

She succeeded in assuming the title of Lieutenant Governor owing to her presidency in the Missouri Senate, during which she performed as a senator in the region westward of St. Cloud. She was the first woman to have the privilege of serving in this position.

CD-7 oversees Minnesota’s 7th district. By area, this is the largest congressional area in the entire state. It stretches over Minnesota’s western regions, from Canada’s border at the north and nearly touching the border with Iowa to the south.

Rep. Peterson, being a Democrat, has successfully fought off attempts by others to separate from his seat. This is doubly impressive when considering the increasingly Republican climate in Minnesota. President Trump’s election three years prior did little to alleviate matters for him, with 30 points for Republicans in the district at the time.

Fischbach lives near Paynesville, which lies on the cusp of District 7. The city proper belongs to the 6th district, which falls under the influence of Rep. Tom Emmer.

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