Over 133,000 Target Employees for Upcoming Holidays


Target, a Minneapolis-borne retailer, has disclosed that it intends to hire more than 133,000 new members of staff in brace for the holiday season. One hundred twenty-five thousand of those will be working in the stores proper, while the remaining 8,000 will assist in the distribution and operate in fulfillment centers.

These fresh workers will earn Target’s minimum standard wage of 13 dollars per hour. Target implemented this minimum limit of wages in July 2019, but it intends to raise it by two dollars by 2021.

With this number, the retail giant will at least double its workforce dedicated to facilitating digital ordering. The company has been pushing to bolster its number of pickup options. It also strives to keep its promises of free holiday deliveries.

Beyond that, seasonal staff working throughout these holidays will receive a ten percent discount on both online and in-store items. Target will also provide for them a wellness discount of 20 percent. This discount is applicable to purchasing fruits and vegetables, both fresh and frozen. It’s applicable to products designed to help quit smoking and products from the novel Good & Organic section.

If they work during Christmas or Thanksgiving, employees will be entitled to increased pay during those days.

The number of new employees surpasses that of last year. In 2018, Target fielded some 127,500 additional staff, of which 7,500 were assigned to the fulfillment centers. Around 40 percent of this staff remained under Target’s employ following the holidays.

Melissa Kremer, the chief HR officer at Target, has stated that this retailer strives to provide opportunities for growth to its employees as well as the means to support both themselves and their families. She has expressed pride in how the seasonal team rises to the occasion when demand is at its highest.

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