President’s Campaign Rally on Thursday Causes Mixed Reactions

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While the debate on impeachment is at the full swing in Washington D.C., Minneapolis is less than 24 hours away from Donald Trump’s rally named after his 2016 campaign slogan, “Keep America Great Again.” Trump decided for the Target Center as the perfect venue for the rally on Thursday.

The president is going to face both his fervent supporters who are going to cheer for him, as well as people who disagree with the way he runs the country. One thing is for sure, things are going to get turbulent. The small number in front of the Target Center gathered to protest against Trump’s visit, and they announced that they would be there in a much larger number on the day of the event.

They wanted to invite other people who are against Trump’s “racist policy” to come and join them on Thursday. This coalition is made of different associations that resent and defy the president’s xenophobic outbursts. They expressed their fears that Trump was going to use this rally on Thursday to attack Minnesota representative, Omar, and that the rally would gather a lot of right-wing, anti-Muslim extremists.

They also pointed out that the president was coming to Minneapolis to fire up confrontations “between neighbors.”

What Are the Expectations of Trump’s Supporters?

As far as the other side is concerned, the president can count on the massive support from the law and enforcement services. This is the information from the Minneapolis Police Federation.

In addition, the police Union started distributing T-shirts that present the obvious support to the current American president. This action came as a reaction to the announcement issued by the city’s PD that prohibited police officers from wearing their uniforms during this rally.

One of the police union representatives stated that a large number of police officers met this ban with disapproval. This move incited a kind of silent protest among the members of the police, especially after they had worn their uniforms during the visits of some former presidents.

The T-shirts displaying a clear message “Cops for Trump” were being sold $20 apiece, and one of the buyers stated that he took the shirt to show his support for the police and their right to wear uniforms.

As this campaign rally nears, both sides have the urge to be heard. One of his young supporters said he wanted to feel the atmosphere and the impact of Trump’s fiery speeches in person. Another president’s supporter who applied for volunteering stated that his decision to come to the Target Center was a good one, despite the mayor’s opposition.

The protesters from the city center prepared for their protest fearing the right-wing supporters and racist groups would incite incidents during Trump’s rally. On the other hand, the police forces assured Minneapolis residents that they consider this campaign rally to be the highest priority event.

Pence Comes to Visit Minnesota on Thursday Also

Vice President Mike Pence will follow in the president’s footsteps and visit Minnesota on Thursday too. He is going to show up at one of the successful businesses at Lakeville and spend some time with workers there.

Later on, he plans to join President Trump at his rally at Minneapolis Target Center. Once he lands at the Minneapolis airport, he is going to meet with the law and enforcement representatives. Pence is sure to attempt and score some political points tackling the PD ban that forbids officers to wear uniforms during the event.

Trump expressed his hopes that he was going to win the confidence of Minnesota voters in the 2020 elections. This would be a sweet victory for Trump who lost Minnesota by a narrow count in 2016.

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