Supposed Death Threats Against Rep. Ilhan Omar at State Fair


On Wednesday, Ilhan Omar released information regarding supposed death threats someone had sent to her. The letter ominously claimed that Omar would not die alone and that the fatal attack would unfold at the State Fair.

This menacing message was the reason why Omar refrained from informing the public where she would be at the fair during its opening day. The Congresswoman released her Twitter statement shortly after leaving a town meeting in north Minneapolis, following a tense exchange with the present reporters.

The tweet expressed Omar’s grief for having to seek protection against a fellow human being. Nevertheless, she feels the need to do so, given the disturbing nature of the message. 

The threat makes a promise that Omar shall not return to Washington. Along with a racist remark, the note details how a very “capable” person would do the killing.

The threatened Democrat representative will refrain from revisiting the fair in 2019. 

Speculations on the Threat

Some persons from the fair are confident that this message is little more than a terror tactic. Coon Rapids’ James Schulz feels adamant that there was no actual plan to murder Omar. That said, he did add that more than enough officers are on the field at the fair and that security is solid.

Cottage Grove’s Michael Peterson sees this threat as a portent of an increasingly hostile political climate. He considers the event most unfortunate but unsurprising in the least. He urged that this kind of environment should never become normalized.

This incident was far from the first of its kind for Omar, but she tries to keep her spirits high. She claimed that she felt at ease with the time she has to be alive and that she prefers to concentrate on the present moment.

Accusations of Adultery

The ordeal with the reporters was somewhat dramatic for Omar. They attempted to inquire about a Washington D.C. divorce filing report that implied she had been engaged in an affair with Tim Mynett, a political consultant. 

She replied that she has no interest in discussing her private life with the reporters. When they accused her of being evasive with the probing, she countered by calling their questions stupid.

On Tuesday, however, she did deny separation with her husband, as well as the adultery speculations. But she still maintained that she wouldn’t allow the conversation about her personal matters to continue. For this reason, she eschews discussing any private questions.

Hamline University professor of political science David Schultz doubts that these allegations will tangibly influence district voters. According to him, Democrats hold 70% of the votes. He believes that only a far more significant unfolding of these events could shake them down from the top.

Where the Money Went

During her State Representative tenure, Omar experienced financial struggles, as Schultz remarks. She had to repay in excess of $3,000 to her campaign, and she also faced a $500 fine. Considering that she also had a ruling against her, the suspicion people are displaying isn’t entirely without credence, he admits.

Looking at FEC filings, one may see that Omar’s campaign has been making payments to Mynett’s firm. The consulting firm, E Street Group, has received upwards of $220,000 for consulting about the campaign. These payments followed one another in a period of fourteen months.

However, according to experts, this is in line with the law as long as he and the company did the actual work for which it received compensation.

But a complaint arose from a conservative group that this money had served another purpose. Namely, their claim was that the money funded travel for Mynett in April. The month lines up with when people speculate the affair began.

Early Thursday, Omar and Mynett’s attorney for the campaign released a statement. He called the travel claims utterly ludicrous and bereft of any semblance of evidence. The accusations were, in his words, little more than a smear tactic to undermine the Congresswoman’s political career.

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