Vaping Is Taking Lives

Vaping Is Taking Lives All Around Minnesota: Two More People Died of Lung Injuries

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What is happening in Minnesota comes as a great shock to all citizens. More and more people are dying, and it’s all linked to vaping. Actually, it has a connection to illegal THC, and this week started with breaking news that two more people died from that. Nobody can blame only illegal THC since many factors are involved, and as doctors say — home additives that are combined with other ingredients are the reason behind these lung injuries that led to death.

Three Minnesotans have died from lung injuries connected to vaping in just two months. And what comes as a bigger problem is that there are 73 more people who are currently dealing with this problem in hospitals around the country, and all of them gained their injuries this year.

The Department of Health in Minnesota is working hard and putting all the efforts to help the afflicted. They are working with partners all over the country since those are the types of injuries that not many doctors are familiar with. Jan Malcolm, a state health commissioner, gave a public speech announcing two more deaths. He took the opportunity to say that they were trying to learn as much as possible about those injuries and to determine what could be done in order to prevent them since the problem is persisting.

All of the three people who died were approximately 50 years old, without any previous health issues. And aside from those 73 registered cases, the state officials are investing 32 other ones. It is believed that they are related to vaping too, but that has not been confirmed yet.

The Main Suspects: THC and Home Additives

Doctors and the government suspect that illegal THC is to blame. That is actually a principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis, and it is believed to be involved in the plant’s self-defence. Actually, it seems that this cannabinoid is the reason for the vaping-related injuries because nearly all of the afflicted had THC in their blood. Unfortunately, half of those people had an enormous percentage of this ingredient, and they needed intensive care immediately.

Jan Malcolm pointed out that the health department was very concerned and more people could lose their lives. The problem is that despite so many warnings, illegal THC is still used around Minnesota, and the number of hospitalized people is growing each week. Malcolm believes that more attention must be paid to this issue since that is the only way to build conscience among people.

The devastating fact is that the hospitalized people are 15–65 years old, as Dr Ruth Lynfield, the state epidemiologist, has confirmed. She has also pointed out that all health officials in Minnesota and around the U.S. are doing their studies on how vaping can cause all those injuries and deaths. It’s complicated and disturbing, and unfortunately, most of the cases are people at a very young age.

Both Lynfield and Malcolm asked the people who use electronic cigarettes to buy products only in official stores and to minimize their usage since it’s still unknown what effects their long-term use can have on health.

The State Health Department encouraged people to find some other solution. They are well aware that people mostly start using the e-cigarette in order to quit regular smoking, but actually, those cigarettes are not FDA-approved, and nobody guarantees that they can help smokers quit.

The Number of Teens Who Use Vaping Devices Is Growing

There are more and more teens in Minnesota who are using vaping devices. More than a quarter of 11th-grade students use them at least once a month, according to the survey that was conducted among students.

This may become a huge problem since the whole new generation may become addicted to nicotine. Most of the people who vape are under 24, and the worst part is that 44% of them have never used regular cigarettes before. They started with vaping devices out of fun and not because they used to be smokers.

The problem is widespread — it’s all around the U.S., and the results of the analysis on a national scale are similar. More than 3.6 million students use e-cigarettes at least once a month, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz, noted that his administration was working on a plan to address vaping among young people. They will make legislation regarding this issue and will also do everything so that young people can get more information about how dangerous vaping is. The state will also fight back against all those people who are selling illegal substances and profiting on people’s health and well-being.

He gave his condolences to the families of the deceased, saying that his heart was with them.

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