White Bear Township People Sues State Agency

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Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) was sued on Tuesday by the residents of White Bear Township. The lawsuit states that MPCA did not give public documents concerning the investigation of Water Gremlin. For 15 years, that company has released toxic chemicals into the air. That can be the cause of numerous diseases of residents in this town.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Former Attorney General Lori Swanson and attorney Dean Salita represent more than 100 people who live in White Bear Township. Two lawyers joined forces to protect the rights of residents who had been exposed to toxic chemicals since 2002. They required that MPCA hand them over public material from the investigation of Water Gremlin. 

The Minnesota Department of Health and MPCA started an investigation of Water Gremlin at the beginning of 2019. They discovered that the company did not accurately report the emission of chemicals for more than 15 years. Even the company admitted its wrongdoings. Water Gremlin exposed residents of this town to a much higher level of a carcinogen called trichloroethylene (TCL) than allowed by health limits that the state approves. 

MPCA and Water Gremlin settled in March this year. The company was required to pay $7 million regarding leaked chemicals. However, the settlement did not include the people, and they had to file civil suits if they wanted to get compensation.

Swanson and Salita believe that the MPCA records prove that the incident violated the health of people who live nearby the company. However, the state agency did not handle them the requested documents, which resulted in a lawsuit. So far, MPCA hasn’t made any comments regarding the lawsuit. 

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