You Can Now Ride Bikes on Golf Courts at Giants Ridge


Golfers at Giants Ridge in Biwabik can choose to ride a scooter around the golf course instead of a cart. Finn Cycles are motorcycles that run on the electric engine, and you can rent them for $21. 

Giants Ridge offered its golfers new and fun way to get around their golf courses. Finn Cycles are quite stable and allow the golfer to put the bag with clubs in front of the bike, just under the bar. They can travel around 15 mph, which is around the speed of a regular golf cart. However, these two-wheelers are not just a gimmicky product. They can speed up the play because on them golfers can go straight to their ball. 

You Can Now Ride Bikes on Golf Courts at Giants Ridge

A lithium battery powers the electric engine of this bike. One charge is enough for a golfer to reach up to 36 holes. Finn Cycles haven’t entirely replaced traditional golf carts. They are just another option. You can rent them for $21, and you’ll have to watch a short video tutorial before riding them. At Giants Ridge, they say that younger golfers from North Minnesota have already got hyped with this new transportation option. 

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